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Photography: Ginger Animal Alert!

The other evening, we were taking an evening walk with our foster puppy Dino through the glorious Dutch countryside.

Suddenly, we heard some rustling behind the bushes, disrupting us from our quiet stroll. Uh oh, were we being followed? *Dun dun duuuuuun*

But, feeling brave, we searched and searched to try to find the noisy intruder. And instead of a scary monster, we discovered this great, beauty of a redhead!

The Scottish Highland cow is evidently not native to my part of the continent, but beautiful all the same. Wonderfully covered in a dusty shade of ginger hair, they are almost invisible against this warm, natural landscape!

And, known for its shy, non-aggressive character, the auburn animals calmly ambled on about their business without disrupting us further.

It seems that the colour red is not always striking and dangerous, like us gingers can be!


By Suzanne

Ginger Parrot

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