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Ginger Guy Sells His Hair!

Ginger Guy Sells His Hair!

If you’re strapped for cash lately, apparently gingers have got an extra money-making factor: our hair!

It’s true; student Timothy Price has shaved off 36 inches of his flowing ginger hair to sell on Gumtree as a good wig option, for a whopping £600.

Hmmm, when you think about it, that’s ten years without a haircut. Is it really worth it? We’re skeptical too.

Tim took the plunge in preparation for completing his PhD, and his plans for job interviews as a lecturer.

But it’s good to know, in case it gets to that fateful day where we’re scraping the empty jar of peanut butter with our little finger, dreaming of going mansion shopping.

Let’s hope it never gets that bad though!


By Emma

Ginger Parrot

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