Ginger Drinks to Spice Up Your Life!

Because we’re so nice, we’ve conjured up three great ginger drinks that are a blast in the morning to get you fired-up ready to take on the day. Of course, ginger is the magical ingredient in all of them, cleverly changing the flavour of the other ingredients to create taste sensations. Mmmm.

So give them a go, and shake up your wake-up!

Wake-up juice


1 glass orange juice
1 medium carrot
1 piece root ginger (size of a medium brazil nut)

How to do it:

1. Peel and cut carrot into chunks.

2. Peel root ginger and either finely slice or chop. Put all the ingredients into a blender and whizz up until reasonably smooth.

3. Drink and enjoy!

The ginger takes away some of the sweetness of the carrot, which otherwise makes the drink a bit yuck!


Rooibos boost

Not everyone likes the taste of rooibos (redbush) tea from South Africa; however, a few slices of ginger can totally alter the taste and have you downing bucket-loads of the stuff!

Simply add a few slices of fresh root ginger to a cup of rooibos tea (no milk), stir in a teaspoon or two of honey (agave nectar if vegan) and there you have it – a brew to turbo-charge your morning.

Fiery Green Tea

Green tea is great for boosting your metabolism, and this version will get you firing on all cylinders.

Place a green teabag in a mug with a few thin slices of fresh root ginger and some slices of red chilli pepper (don’t freak out, it’ll be nice!). Don’t use the small strong chillis, unless you like things volcanic.

Add water just off the boil and allow to infuse. Remove the teabag and enjoy. The ginger will dull the fire of the chilli a bit, but as you get further down the cup the spicier it will get.


Fun fact about ginger: Queen Elizabeth I allegedly invented the gingerbread man; she is said to have presented courtiers with gingerbread likenesses of themselves.


By Edward


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