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Coming Soon: Not Another Happy Ending

We may all be getting upset about the impending doom of Karen Gillan‘s exit from season 7 of Doctor Who, but we have some good news for you!

Gingerfully gorgeous, Karen Gillan’s next acting project, an indie film called Not Another Happy Ending, is currently filming in Glasgow, getting ready to knock yer socks off.

Karen plays Jane Lockhart, an author who experiences crippling writer’s block when she’s in a good mood. This is obviously bad news for her publisher, Tom (played by Stanley Weber), whose company is up against the wall financially.

With Jane as his most successful author, Tom realises he must unblock her creativity or he’s finished. Everyone knows you have to be miserable to write well, and Tom realises that the only way he’s going to get her to finish the novel is to make her life a misery.

The cast and crew are currently in Glasgow filming, the updates of which you can catch up with on their Facebook page and you can find out more on the film’s website.

And here’s the trailer!

By Emma


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