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Meet Team GB: Ginger Britain

Here in the UK, it’s a pretty big year. Ol’ Queenie got a big do for her Diamond Jubilee; Andy Murray, the Scottish legend that is, got to the final of Wimbledon; and the biggest deal of them all: SHOCK HORROR, Engelbert Humperdinck proves to the rest of Europe that…we’re still bad at Eurovision.  Or it’s still politically stunted. Whatever it is, it’s never going to happen. Let’s get over it.

What is going to happen, is the 2012 Olympics in London. Our Underground trains, streets and cabs are going to be teeming with tourists and it will become impossible to get anywhere for two weeks, all in the name of sport. I’m told it will be a great boost for the economy, all that running around in lyrca pants, so here’s hoping.

And ever-eager to seek out the newest ginger legends, I thought I’d give you a rundown on Team GB as it stands thus far (can you guess what the ‘G’ stands for yet?). I’m sure we’ll support every member of the team in their respective events, but there are a few ginger cogs in this great machine that need an extra little bit of love from us. (are you, er, getting that metaphor..?)

So, I introduce thee, to Team GB…GINGER BRITAIN.


Greg Rutherford – Athletics

[Image: Spikes Mag]


Jason Kenny – Cycling Track

[Image: Team GB]


Lucy Hall – Triathlon

[Image: Loughborough College]


Peter Kirkbride – Weightlifting

[Image: Zimbio]

Ginger love to all competitors!

By Lizzie

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