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I have red hair, pale skin, and some freckles. Seeing as I’m ginger, I suppose you could say that I don’t have a soul as well. Basically, my friends call me “Gingy,” so I “steal” their souls in return. Simple as that. But in actual fact, being a ginger is not as easy as it may seem…

First off, the sun is your enemy. Let’s just say that I have plenty of sunscreen at my house. I could literally set up a store with the amount that I own.

And second, there’s such a stigma attached to being ginger. I have no idea why though, as far as I can tell, we’re all pretty cool!

Left to right: Me (Nicole) and my sister, Megan

Although being ginger is not something I have always enjoyed, I’ve actually become pretty proud of my red hair, pale skin, and freckles. It sets me apart from the world. Looking at a crowd, you see a sea of people with blonde, black, or brown hair. But when you see that rare *natural* redhead, you won’t forget them.

The variations of coppers, oranges, and reds make each and every redhead special. We are unique. So are you. Just not as much as us. Haa, I jest. But seriously, forget ‘Kick A Ginger’ Day. Go out there and freaking hug a ginger. If you give us a hug, we will probably spare your soul. 🙂


By Nicole

Ginger Parrot

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