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Beauty: Coloured Mascaras

Brightly coloured mascaras are making a big comeback in the Style World, and we feel compelled to let you know exactly how to wear it.

Now, before you dismiss it as a tired old fad from the Eighties and Nineties…don’t. It’s a whole different ball-game now, with colours to compliment each and every eye colour.

Let me give you some fresh and up to date ways to wear this trend whilst still looking sophisticated and modern.

First and foremost: always remember that wearing colored mascara is a statement in itself and the goal is to look chic, so keep your make-up simple by applying only a little or no eyeliner to the lash line, plus only wear a light blush.


For hazel/brown eyes

Green mascara looks best on hazel or brown eyes, as it actually lightens the appearance of your eye colour.

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YSL Singulier Mascara in Deep Green £23

Save the pennies

Barry M Mascara in Emerald Green £5.19


For blue/green eyes

Girls with green (like yours truly) or blue eyes look fabulous in purple or plum mascara. These hues are dark enough that they imitate the look of traditional, black mascara but look especially intense and eye-catching when the light hits them!

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Benefit BADgal Eye Colour Intensifying Plum Mascara £16.50

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Boots Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Length Mascara in Purple £2.99


For everyone’s eyes

Navy mascara compliments every eye colour and makes the whites of your eyes look extra bright. It’s a great boost to your looks especially if you’ve skimped on beauty sleep the night before!

Splash out

Dior Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara in Navy £23

Save the pennies

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara in Navy; Was £10, Now £3.99


A word of warning: Never match your eyeliner to a coloured mascara, this defeats the purpose of the product and creates a flat, monochromatic look; instead use a subtle and contrasting shade.

And if you’re feeling a little sky and skeptical about trying this look, give this pro trick a whirl: apply your usual black or brown mascara and then add just a hint of coloured mascara to the tips of the your lashes for a subtle yet pretty look.

Coloured mascaras are especially fun and flirty for evenings out as they add a pop to accompany a dressed up look! With these easy to do make up tricks, you can ROCK coloured mascara!


Love Tasha x

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