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Review: Lucy Rose at Heaven, London

Hitting success as a singer/songwriter before you’ve reached your mid-twenties is something you’d think one can only daydream about. But for Lucy Rose, it’s become a reality.

Fans of Bombay Bicycle Club will recognise her voice alone, and the rest of you should take note: she’s one to watch right now!

And despite being gorgeous and talented, she’s one modest young lovely. Don’t hate on her yet though, because I haven’t told you the best part: she’s ginger! *starts dancing*

Oh, but she is going to be big stuff pretty soon, I can feel it in my loins. In fact, her growing popularity was clear from the packed-out nightclub, Heaven in London on Wednesday night.

After enjoying the calming Nathan Holme and excitable To Kill A King, we were ripe and ready to welcome Lucy’s gingerness with open arms. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar and band, she performed her popular tracks ‘Red Face’, ‘Middle of the Bed’, and new single, ‘Lines’ (see below), amongst a glorious collection of tunes from her upcoming debut album.

Honestly, her voice is like silk or warm chocolate or something. I know that sounds mushy, but I don’t care, she’s that good. Her songs are a perfect match for the long-awaited summertime (when is that happening, by the way?), and when we finally get our mitts on her album in September, I’m sure we’ll all be chilling out on beaches and meadows listening to her flawless voice.

And to top it off, it was not only the final date of Miss Rose’s UK and Ireland tour, but it was also her 23rd birthday. Which, of course, in true human tradition, as soon as we heard the words “It’s my birthday today”, we were off in to an uncontrollable out-of-tune rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, which she didn’t ask for, obviously. It must be in our DNA or something. And Lucy got it hurled at her mid-set, completely unaware, I mean as if that song isn’t embarrassing enough.

All in all though, it was the perfect way to spend a midweek evening in London town. We just can’t wait until her album comes out! (FYI put 24th September in your diaries!)

Lucy Rose’s UK and Ireland tour may be over, but you can catch her next at the Blissfields, Hop Farm, and Latitude festivals this summer.

Check out the video for her new single, ‘Lines’, out now!

[Also, stay tuned for some more Lucy Rose related surprises! Shhhh…]


By Emma



Emma Kelly is the Editor & Founder of Ginger Parrot. She dresses herself in mismatched multi-seasonal clothing and has a talent for sniffing out the next opportunity for coffee. She believes that any new band with a female musician is the next big thing and that whoever is currently dating Ryan Gosling is the luckiest lady on earth. Her biggest obsession is shopping online for castles, (probably) fueled by childish fantasies of finding her prince and settling down for a life of luxury, bathing in a pool of gin and bitter lemon. Other than that, though, she’ll be incessantly researching the latest gingerful news to deliver to Gingerkind.


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