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Hairdresser sued £30k for ginger mishap

Guess what: A woman is suing her hairdresser for £30,000, claiming that her hair was dyed ginger by accident. Not only this, but she claims that her scalp was burned, with the entire experience giving her an anxiety disorder.

Leigh Lumsden, aged 34 from Roxburghshire, claims that she originally asked her hairdresser for blonde hair. She refused to have the skin patch test done beforehand, and the rest, let’s say, is history. Ginger history, apparently.

It was heard in the court that Ms Lumsden was so distressed that she “could barely speak” when she left the salon in June 2010.

The twist in this tale is that Kim McNally, who runs the salon in Melrose, said that the complainant actually left with “mousey dark blonde” hair, not ginger.

Well, there is the anonymous quote that says that redheads “are probably the worst people to date. They are demanding and obsessive and they can’t make up their minds about anything, so they are very difficult to figure out.” Maybe she just didn’t want to join the club.

And in case anyone’s wondering, Leigh now has full-length black hair.


By Emma

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