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Hair: Multi-dimensional Redhead Shades

Is anyone else a bit fed up of being called ginger, no matter what shade of red you actually are? Whether it’s warm mahogany or strawberry blonde, it’s always the same: “You’re ginger”. I mean, use your vocabulary people! Hell, even whack out a thesaurus if you need to.

Okay, I’m ranting a bit, so I’ll stop that now, as there is good news!

This week, Stylist Magazine wrote that popular hair shades have come to be able to convey emotions through multi-dimensional colour.

Sound a bit sci-fi? Well, think Lana Del Rey – we been battling for some time, trying to pin a colour on her tresses – is she a redhead or a brunette? The point is that she’s not either; she’s simply sending a message through her hair and personality: Romance. Get it?

It’s a bit of an odd concept to grasp, we know. But here’s the best part for us: This new trend is the epitome of naturally ginger hair. The ability to use multiple dimensions to reflect your character.

I don’t know about you, but I find that my hair colour changes on a daily basis. Or rather, whenever I step into different lighting. It’s got nothing to do with dye, it’s simply down to the multi-dimensional nature of red hair. I like it; it’s multi-tasking. Also, having red hair is an intrepid part of who I am, I enjoy that it’s noticeable and I allow it to boost my confidence as an individual.

And with it being completely different from any other boring shade, our red manes boast a mixture of flecks of gold, copper, chestnut, auburn, hazel, honey, chocolate, mahogany; I could go on. I mean, anyone should be jealous of that.

And I never get bored or feel the need to change my shade as it changes itself! Clever genetics.

So perhaps there are some new nicknames for us on the horizon: ‘Auburn’ or ‘Rusty’? Hey, it could happen!

So the important question is to ask yourself: What message is your hair sending? Because with 44% of people admitting that hair is the first thing they notice about a person, it’s a pretty big deal.

Make sure your mane speaks volumes.


By Emma

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Emma Kelly is the Editor & Founder of Ginger Parrot. She dresses herself in mismatched multi-seasonal clothing and has a talent for sniffing out the next opportunity for coffee. She believes that any new band with a female musician is the next big thing and that whoever is currently dating Ryan Gosling is the luckiest lady on earth. Her biggest obsession is shopping online for castles, (probably) fueled by childish fantasies of finding her prince and settling down for a life of luxury, bathing in a pool of gin and bitter lemon. Other than that, though, she’ll be incessantly researching the latest gingerful news to deliver to Gingerkind.


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