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Why I Went Back To Ginger

I have to admit, dyeing my hair was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had, but I begged my mum to do it. My reason lay with my obsession with Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

My mum was clearly obsessed too, giving me the middle name, Alice. So I guess I picked up the love through my genes.

The thing is, my gingerness was actually a grower, not a show-er. What I mean by this is that I had blonde hair as a kid but as the years went on, I turned ginger.

I was devastated (please don’t judge me), as not only was I rejected from the prestigious role of Goldilocks in our school play but I didn’t ‘match’ my friends anymore. In all honesty, I was a bit of an outcast for being just a little bit different.

So one day, my love of the Disney ‘Alice…’ film pushed me over the edge: I wanted to be blonde again.

The funny thing was, as soon as I made the fateful change to blonde, I realised it didn’t suit me – the shade was so harsh and draining of my complexion. I even dabbled with the idea of going back to ginge right there and then, but being a ginger kid in school had become a joke back then (I reckon it still is now).

Correction: I was the joke. Free money in the non gamstop no deposit bonus is one of the main advantages when it comes to great deals in a casino. For beginners, a no deposit bonus is that you get a certain amount just for registering an account. You can read more about bonuses on our website bestbonusmoney.com/non-gamstop-no-deposit-bonus . Few players, especially slot machine enthusiasts, choose free spins to increase their potential winnings. Just like bonus money, it can be provided as part of a bonus. And even though I knew that blonde tresses didn’t suit me, I couldn’t face going back so I continually dyed my hair a variety of light shades. One time it got a bit out of hand, and I thought, “Sod it” and dyed my poor damaged locks a bright red, just to confuse everyone. People didn’t know what to think. “Is she a ginge trying to be blonde but also trying to be red?” I don’t think even I knew.

It wasn’t until recently, my first year at university, that I decided to strip my hair down, right down to the root. And actually, I rather like it. I’m not 100% back to my redhead self, but the result is now showing something that resembles a warm auburn.

Now I’m back to living life in the ginger hue, I understand why so many people are rushing to dye their hair red. It brings colour to your complexion and makes my pale skin pop. Just think, “pale and interesting”.

Another upside is that so far no ginger jokes have been pointed in my direction. With stars like Karen Gillian, Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks sporting the look, I’m thrilled to say redheads are in fashion. Oh yeah.

I’m enjoying it so much that I can safely say that I’ll never look back. Vive la ginge!

By Daisy


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  1. Katlyn April 27, 2012

    I’m a natural ginger . My hair is a strawberry blonde in the summer but more of a light auburn in the winter. Everyone calls me “ginger” I hate it! It’s very annoying ! They don’t get how insulting if is and a girl in my class I hate claims to be a natural ginger but obviously isn’t and it annoys me! My hair color is beautiful And she’s just jealous that her hair core boring and mines awesome and people pay hundreds of Dollors to get this color! So now I don’t know wheather I should embrace the name ginger or not cause I really hate her and I don’t want to support her bitchiness in any way or dis it and punch her face in ;p lmao I really hate her so Im just gonna punch her face in and anger her by embracing the only thing she has against me (; also what color clothes look best on gingers? I have trouble finding cornea that look good in me I look good in green but I can’t walk astound all the time in green! Anything that will help will be amazing!