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Weird and Wonderful Ginger Health

Weird and Wonderful Ginger Health

So, you’ve spent most of your life being teased for your pale complexion, unusual hair pigment, and millions of randomly-placed freckles; basically for just being ‘different’.

Well, my friend, I’ve got news for you. All those things can benefit your health, apparently.

Scientists have recently discovered that our genes are glazed with special superpowers that can fight off potentially deadly illnesses better than our blonde and brunette pals.

That’s right; our milky skin has been shown to encourage the production of vitamin D, something we can all agree is a nice feeling in such a wintry climate. This means that we can say a fond farewell to the risk of rickets and lung disease tuberculosis, lucky gingers.

Although, saying this, there is of course a downside to our DNA. As we all know too well from being left out a smidgen too long in the sun, we are at a much higher risk of developing skin cancer, our delicate coats suffering from the familiar pinkish sunburn on a regular basis if we forget to reapply the SPF 50 (tut, tut).

Another scary fact: when going for surgery, we’re likely to be dosed up with 20% more anaesthesia than other hair colours. It was thought by scientists at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, that our MC1R genes may be involved with complex neuromodulatory regulation within the central nervous system.

There is also another point, which I believe could be up for interpretation. Various pieces of information relating to our personal pain thresholds; either we have really high or considerably low pain thresholds. But who’s to know? Maybe it’s all relative and that can be another magical mystery of life as a redhead.

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By Emma

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