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We want all of our ginger lovelies to stay fit as fiddles so here is a collection of the most recent health articles, especially for you.


How Redheads' Vitamin D Powers Can Protect Them Against Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sunny on the inside, redheads are able to produce high levels of vitamin D when exposed to low levels of UV light. Not only is this important to gingers’ survival (we must avoid the sun at all costs!), but it can also contribute to our mental health and wellbeing, too. During the winter months, the … Read More »

How Redheads Feel Pain

While redheads are acutely sensitive to the sun’s harmful UV rays, bringing with it a higher risk of skin cancer, do they hold any genetic tricks up their sleeves? They can develop vitamin D using lower levels of sunlight and our natural ginger shade stays with us than people’s other hair shades, but is that the extent of … Read More »

New Study To Reduce Risk of Redhead Sun Burn and Melanoma Skin Cancer

As any clued-up redhead knows, the protein MC1R, found on chromosome 16, is responsible for many of the weird and wonderful elements of ginger life, including red hair, freckles and pale skin. Aside from hair and skin pigmentation, redheads’ MC1R gene also brings with it a high skin cancer risk among those with natural red hair. … Read More »

The ABCD Rule: Checking Your Skin & Moles For Skin Cancer Risks

It’s well-known that redheads are at higher risk of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, even without UV exposure. Read More »

Stop Red Hair Fading in Summer with High SPF Sunscreen Hair Products

Gingers spend the majority of their summers, nay, their lives, covering every bare inch of skin with sunscreen, and we’ve got bad news for you: this meticulous vigilance must also extend to your red hair. Sun exposure can permanently damage the hair pigment, meaning you could lose vibrancy if you’re not careful. And don’t forget … Read More »

Why Can Some Redheads Tan While Others Can't?

Most people associate red hair with pale skin, but what about those rarest of rare gingers who can tan? Nope, we’re not describing an impossible mythical creature, these tanning ginger beings actually exist. A post shared by cintiadicker (@cintiadicker) on Apr 7, 2017 at 12:45pm PDT Daywalker: a ginger who tans. You absolute beauties. “But … Read More »

How Gingers Can Stay Cool In Hot Weather

The fan is on the blink, you’ve run out of ice, and leaning out of the window open just doesn’t cut it. The summer heat can be red hot, particularly for gingers, who are much more sensitive to heat pain and at higher risk of skin cancer. So, redheads, in a bid to keep you cool this … Read More »

Redhead Tanning Could Soon Be Possible With Melanin-Producing Drug

When the words “even gingers could tan” are uttered you can only imagine how quickly our pale little ears prick up! Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new drug that actually mimics the affects of sunlight to make skin tan without causing any UV damage. It works by tricking your skin into producing melanin, … Read More »

SPF 30: The Sweet Spot of Sun Protection

Here are some reminders for keeping your skin as safe as possible from the sun. Read More »

The Importance of Sun Hat Protection For Redheads

During summer, even in the UK, it’s important for redheads to protect their skin by following the usual sun-safe advice like wearing SPF 30+ and seeking shade between 11am and 3pm. We all know this; we’ve been told a million times, and for good reason, too – fair-skinned folks need to do everything to sidestep both … Read More »




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