Hair Removal: What’s A Redhead To Do?

As natural gingers, the process of hair removal turns out to be a tortuous affair.

I mean, all females can appreciate that shaving will often leave our poor sensitive skin irritated or even worse, bloodied! And waxing is not only painful but often results in red bumps on our delicate skin.

So, after hearing about my brunette friend’s success with laser hair removal, I decided to ring my dermatologist to enquire about the process. A lot of rumours had been travelling back and forth about the effectiveness of laser hair removal on gingers, so I decided to get the facts.


How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers do their work by specifically targeting and destroying (only) brown pigments at the base of the hair follicle. Since natural red hair lacks this darkness at its root and is actually quite fair, my doctor tells me that laser hair removal is (as suspected) ineffective on us auburn beauties.

Dang it.

In fact, the dermatologist said that we’re not alone in this dilemma because many lighter blonde shades are similarly poor candidates for this treatment.

Apparently, the best results in laser hair removal are found in candidates with pale complexions and quite dark hair, and even in the best cases, lasers will probably only remove up to 40% of hair and is not fully permanent.

This means that most clients will have to undergo touch-up treatments within two years of original treatment! Perhaps we should count ourselves lucky to have missed out on these laser treatments after all.

So, what are the best methods for hair removal on us copper tops? One option Mrs Dermatologist recommends is electrolysis.



This method works differently than lasers because it uses an electric current to completely destroy the hair follicle and is not affected by the colour of the hair.

Did you just let out a ‘Hurrah’? We did too!

But there is a downside. Electrolysis treatment is pretty pricey, it’s not 100% permanent, and can be very painful. And of course, as with many beauty endurances, it can temporarily cause irritation and redness on our sensitive skin.


What’s a redhead to do?

Well, perhaps the answer lies with an electric shaver. I’ve been told that a good old electric shaver is the least irritating way to remove hair on sensitive skin like redheads’. And, although it’s not permanent, it can be done quickly and easily on a daily basis. No harm done, eh?

So fellow Gingers, save your wages on expensive hair removal treatments and simply plug in instead. Your skin will thank you!


By Tasha



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