Gifts For Gingers 2016 | Christmas Presents For Redheads & Ginger Lovers

What do you buy as a gift for a redhead? They’re incredibly rare, awesome, and potentially a bit feisty, so it’s important to keep them happy. And if they’re particularly proud of their gingerness (which all redheads should be, of course), then giving them a present that relates to their red hair will land you top marks this Christmas.

We’ve done the leg work for you and have put together a list of perfect Christmas gifts for gingers. Most are silly – all are awesome.


RED HOT Dog 2017 Calendar


Take home a dozen ginger dogs in the RED HOT Dog 2017 calendar! Redheads make the best friends after all, so what better than man’s best friend with ginger hair? These calendars not only look good, but they do good, too, as each sale raises money for UK charity, The Dogs Trust.

Available for £20

View the full RED HOT merchandise range


Foxy feet

Foxy slippers

Keep tooties toasty in style with these adorable ginger fox slippers!

Available for £12


Gingery treats

Hotel Chocolat gingerbread men

There’s something about gingerbread that screams Christmas, so give your favourite redhead some milk chocolate gingerbread men made with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

Available for £7.50


‘Colour Me Ginger’ colouring book

CMG book

If your pal is a fan of redheads or just enjoys colouring in (who doesn’t?), this collection of the world’s favourite ginger celebrities is bound to keep your red-haired friends busy over Christmas.

Colour in pictures of Prince Harry, Lindsay Lohan and more!

Available for £7.50


From the ginger beauty gods

Magic Foundation Charlotte Tilbury

Finally solving the age-old struggle of redheads everywhere: foundation shades suitable for gingers! Rejoice for shades 1 and 2 in Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Magic Cream and Complexion Brush. She’s a ginger goddess, and she knows her stuff.

Available for £80


Save the orangutans!

Orangutan Foundation

Do some good and help save our ginger cousins! The Orangutan Foundation does great work towards protecting orangutans and their habitat. Choose from plenty of charity goodies, from adopting an orangutan from £30 to taking home your own orangutan (a cuddly toy, that is)!


‘Ginger’ necklace

Ginger necklace

Perfect as a gift for a fellow redhead or yourself to remind the world how awesome ginger hair is (duh).

Available for £14.99


MC1R magazine

MC1R issue 5

Priding itself as being the only magazine for redheads in the world, MC1R is a beautifully-curated collection of features and news from all over the world, including photography, art, events, interviews and more on its colourful pages.

Available for £16 with free shipping


Embrace the GINGE!

GINGE sweatshire

Help Gingerkind to claim back the world ‘Ginge’, which is too often used as an insult towards redheads. We’ve had enough, so let’s embrace ‘Ginge’ as a celebration, instead! Choose from mugs, pins and clothing.


‘Red: A Natural History of the Redhead’

Red Natural History of the Redhead

What’s the truth about red hair? Are any of the stereotypes true? Tracing back 50,000 years, author Jacky Colliss Harvey guides you through the Ancient Romans, the Egyptians, the Scythians, Elizabeth I’s reign…all the way to modern day’s ginger society.

Available from £4.46

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