Make-Up: Electric Blue Eyeshadow For Redheads

Having fun with your make-up is one of the best things about being a redhead: every splash of colour makes your ginger shade pop!

Electric blue is the colour of the summer, and luckily for us it compliments red on the colour scale perfectly. Having the electric blue appear on your eye lid near your hair line helps to enhance the ginger tones in your hair.

And no matter whether you’re subtly sun-kissed or perfectly pale this summer, an electric blue eyeshadow is a fun and quirky edge on the traditional smokey eye.

Here are a few ways for redheads to be playful with their make-up and dive into the deep blue sea.

For these looks I used KIKO’s Long Lasting Stick 8-Hour No-Transfer Eyeshadow in 44 Ocean Blue and Sleek’s Divine Palette Shadow Collection.

Apply the eyeshadow stick gently and subtly along the lash line. Extra points if you’re a blue-eyed redhead and you can match your eye colour!


Or be bold by colouring in the whole eye lid with the product and applying a dusting of eyeshadow along the bottom lashes.


Go all out and choose a few different blue shades to capture a deep ocean hue. Start with the darker shades closer to the lash line and blend up and out using lighter turquoise and gold shades.

Ultimate mermaid.


By Emma


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