Happy Birthday, Christina Hendricks!

She may not be a natural redhead, but by golly does Christina Hendricks have a heart of gold (ginger)! Christina has often attributed her successful acting career to her eye-catching red hair, moving away from the blonde during her modelling career.

She said: “When I first started modelling I was blonde. Then I got a job and they wanted to do my hair bright red. I’d always wanted to, but the head of my agency was like, ‘You look terrible, it’s so ugly, you cannot have red hair’.”

People remember you when there’s a sea of faces. It helps.

Christina continued: “I came back as a redhead and couldn’t get my hair back to blonde for two days – in the meantime I had to audition. I booked two or three jobs, because there were a lot fewer redheads than blondes, and I was like, this is working for me, I’m keeping this!”

Too right. Happy birthday, Christina Hendricks!


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