Ginger Junior of the Month: June 2017

Full name: Kolby Lee Lutz

Age: 14

Favourite things: Memes, cross country running, playing with my dog Sport and growing carrots

Favourite music: Anything by 21 Pilots

Ginger idol: Ed Sheeran & Lion-O of the Thundercats

The best thing about being ginger: Since only 2% of the population is a redhead, it’s like I’m practically a unicorn.


Who should be the next Ginger Junior of the Month?

If you’re aged 16 or under, or you know someone who’s that age and is proud of their gingerness, get in touch with a photo and answers to the above questions, and you could be on the Ginger Junior page (and don’t forget the prize)!

Too old to be Ginger Junior of the Month? Don’t fret, we’ve got the Official Ginger of the Month.


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