Ginger Valentine’s Day Gifts For Redheads

Valentine’s Day is the day of red. Red hearts, red roses, red cards, red clothes, but most importantly: RED HAIR.

So this 14th February, gingers should be shown just how special they are with gifts that shine as bright as their hair!

So, boyfriends and girlfriends of redheads, take note. And fellow gingers, use this list of Ginger Valentine’s Gifts For Redheads to hint as subtly as you can about your preferred gift…


The Redhead Chocolate Collection

Drop Dead chocolate

Drop Dead Chocolates: £24.50


Ginger name necklace

Ginger necklace

For when people don’t know your name, £14.99


‘RED HOT’ underwear

red hot underwear

Because you’re ‘red hot’ EVERYWHERE!

Available for £15

Red hair, red lips

Give your ginger lady a collection of lipsticks that make as bold a statement as her hair. Let the red on her lips match the red in her hair to let everyone know she’s here, and she means business.


‘Colour Me Ginger’ colouring book

CMG book

If your pal is a fan of redheads or just enjoys colouring in (who doesn’t?), this collection of the world’s favourite ginger celebrities is bound to keep your red-haired friends busy over Christmas.

Colour in pictures of Prince Harry, Lindsay Lohan and more!

Available for £7.50


Share the ginger love

Ginge ginger clothing

Clothing for redheads


‘Red: A Natural History of the Redhead’

Red Natural History of the Redhead

What’s the truth about red hair? Are any of the stereotypes true? Tracing back 50,000 years, author Jacky Colliss Harvey guides you through the Ancient Romans, the Egyptians, the Scythians, Elizabeth I’s reign…all the way to modern day’s ginger society.

Available from £3.94

Read our review of ‘Red’


From the ginger beauty gods

Magic Foundation Charlotte Tilbury

Finally solving the age-old struggle of redheads everywhere: foundation shades suitable for gingers! Rejoice for shades 1 and 2 in Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Magic Cream and Complexion Brush. She’s a ginger goddess, and she knows her stuff.

Available for £80 for gift set or items available individually


Gingerella ginger ale


Available from Waitrose and other outlets


Let this Valentine’s Day be filled with ginger love. On the day of red, redheads are priority!



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