Ginger of the Month: December 2016

Katie Prosser Ginger of the Month

Full name: Katie Prosser

Age: 17

Occupation: Full-time education and looking to study law at university next year. I also work as a cleaner and cafe waitress.

Favourite things: Reading true crime novels, The Apprentice, baking cakes and Matilda The Musical

Favourite music: Arctic Monkeys, Panic! At The Disco and at the moment, Christmas songs!

Ginger idols: Catherine Tate and Tim Minchin

The best thing about being ginger: The hair being the first thing people remember about you, so even if you make a bad impression, they’ll only remember the hair!

Here at Ginger Parrot, we believe that achievements should be rewarded. So, because we’re lovely, every Ginger of the Month will receive one of these wonderful rosettes!

Ginger of the Month

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