Out Now: ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’


With ginger cats being the most preferred hue to have as a pet (it’s true, we’re not making it up), it’s unsurprising that, when Bob the street cat entered James Bowen’s life, beautiful things happened.

A Street Cat Named Bob is based on the book of the same name, written by James Bowen, who adopted Bob when living on the streets of London. As a homeless busker and recovering drug addict, Bowen’s life is transformed after he meets stray ginger cat, Bob, in 2007. The true story became an international bestseller, and has now been turned into a movie.

The best part is that Bob is such a talented ginger, that he even plays himself in the movie! Clever kitty.

A Street Cat Named Bob high five

Check out the trailer for A Street Cat Named Bob above, or head to the cinemas now to catch the full movie! Expect ginger cuteness, kitty high fives, and tears!



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