Ginger of the Month: November 2016

GOTM Nov 2016

[Image: Ori Cohen Photography]

Full name: Amy Sturgeon

Age: 40 (but keep that between just us!)

Occupation: I work two jobs: Facilities Clerk and also a Kennel Technician

Favourite things: Animals – I am especially fond of my two pups Grace and Jolene! Also, I love going to concerts.

Favourite music: Dave Matthews Band, Kaleo, Fiona Apple, Coldplay, Jose Gonzalez, Greg Laswell

Ginger idols: Emma Stone, Julianne Moore,  Florence Welch

The best thing about being ginger: Freckles and standing out in crowd! Also, ginger festivals! You can’t go wrong with a whole festival dedicated to us!

Here at Ginger Parrot, we believe that achievements should be rewarded. So, because we’re lovely, every Ginger of the Month will receive one of these wonderful rosettes!

Ginger of the Month

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