Watch: Damian Lewis Rants About Non-Redheads

Damian Lewis has taken one for the team (Team Ginger, that is) and spoken out against some people’s colourblindness when it comes to ginger hair.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Damian said that it was unfair for non-gingers to be incorrectly recognised as redheads now that having ginger hair is becoming more and more popular.

We totally agree, Damian. The Eddie Redmaynes and Benedict Cumberbatchs of this world, while we love them, are not ginger. Sorry to those who believe that they are, but you’ve fallen into this colourblindness category, too.

Sure, Eddie and Benedict may be of the freckly persuasion or every so often appear with enhanced reddish hair in an extremely Photoshopped image, but that does not make a redhead.

In his interview, Damian told presenter Susanna Reid: “I keep reading press articles saying ‘the slightly redheaded Eddie’ or Benedict. They’re not redheaded, and how dare they join my club.”

He goes on to say that being ginger is an “elite exclusive redheaded club”. Well, we are pretty awesome.

Check out Damian’s ranty interview on Good Morning Britain above. His new series Billions comes out on Sky later this year in the UK, and is already released in the US. View the trailer!



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