Jessica Chastain Launches Freckle Films

It’s fair to say that Jessica Chastain is one of our favourite redheads in Hollywood right now. She’s kind, beautiful, adores animals, loves her red hair, hangs out with her grandma at film premieres, and even launched a social media campaign to find her grandma’s lost dog (which worked, by the way).


HAPPY NATIONAL KISS A GINGER DAY! #Jan12 #ginger #redhead #flamehairdontcare #favoritedayoftheyear #nationalkissagingerday

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That Star Spangled Banner waving away #ohsaycanyousee #MissSloane #research #senate #house #hillpeople

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And aside from her impressive acting roster, J-Chassy has added another string to her now, in the form of film production.

“But what does a natural ginger name their production company?”, I hear you ask? Freckle Films, of course!

J-Chassy has partnered with financing production company, Maven Pictures, for the new venture, with a couple of projects already in the pipeline, including The Magician’s Lie and Life and Other Near-Death Experiences.

We’ll be supporting Jessica Chastain and Freckle Films all the way!



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