Florence is BACK!

Brightly topped dyeing redhead Florence Welch is back in her freshly oiled Machine, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

A teaser for ginger-haired Flo’s next album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful was released last week (above), shortly followed by the official music video for new track ‘What Kind of Man’ (below).

It’s been more than three years since the release of Florence + the Machine’s second album Ceremonials, which is far too long a break in our opinion.

She spoke BBC’s Radio 1 about the band’s recent break: “Ceremonials and Lungs all blurred together, we didn’t take any time off. It was a decision to have a year off.”

In the interview she also discussed her “up and down” and “chaotic” year off, and said: “It was a really vulnerable time for me when we first started making the record and because of that it’s the most personal record I’ve ever made.”

We can expect plenty more gingertastic music from Flo in 2015, with a list of summer festivals already lined up, with rumours surrounding the band performing at Glastonbury.

But until How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful reaches our sound systems, you can check out Florence + the Machine’s latest track ‘What Kind of Man’ to tide you over.


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