What To Expect At Redhead Days 2014

We’ve been on tenterhooks for months, but the programme of events for Redhead Days 2014 is OUT NOW! We simply can’t wait to join our fellow flame-haired kin from 5-8 September.

Previous years of the Redhead Days have featured pub crawls, lectures on genetics, and even yoga in the park.

So, what can we expect at Redhead Days 2014?


Well, aside from a weekend-long ginger fest filled with making new red-haired friends and reuniting with old pals, there’s plenty for natural and dyed redheads to get their teeth stuck into.


Here are our top five highlights from the event’s extensive programme – it was difficult to choose!


1. The Kick-Off Party


What is it?

Sticking to its well-named title, this is where the ginger fun begins! Promised to be jam-packed with live music from DJs and a band, the kick-off party is not to be missed.

A few speeches will be given, including one from the lead organiser of the event, Bart Rouwenhorst. And then, it’s party time!

But more than anything, this is where the hardcore full-weekenders will congregate, so expect to meet people who have come from the far corners of the globe, who intend on making the most of their time in beautiful Breda.


When and where?

8pm on Fri 5th September at the Mezz, Keizerstraat 101.


2. Ginger Speed Dates / Speed Meet


What is it?

A brand new activity for 2014, the speed dating session will be a great way to make new friends, and hey, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life!

The activity is open to all hair colours, so come along for a fun and interesting way to meet new people.


When and where?

1pm-4pm on Sat 6th September at the park adjoining the Kasteelplein.


3. Red Hot Exhibition


What is it?

Photographer Thomas Knights wanted to reinvent the ginger male, and improve how they’re portrayed in the ever-harsh media. Red Hot began as a one-off exhibition in London, UK, but due to insane popularity, has now travelled to the Netherlands and soon on to New York City, USA!

Spend some time ogling some of these good-looking ginger men and you’ll walk out happy.


When and where?

10am-5pm on Sat 5th and Sun 6th September at Grote Kerk.


4. The Redhead Pub Crawl


What is it?

The Redhead Days programme describes this activity as “a night you’ll never forget” and it’s not wrong (let’s hope so, anyway)! Just picture it: scampering groups of gingers going wild, being lovingly led by a trusty and knowledgeable leader who is assigned to guide each group around the bars and clubs of Breda.

It’s a rare and glorious sight to behold, and all over-18s should make sure that they attend, fresh and ready for a night of ginger madness!

Expect to be very tired on Sunday morning.


When and where?

Make sure you sign up for the pub crawl by 1pm on Sat 6th September at the Grote Markt. Alternatively, you can sign up at the kick-off party on Fri night. Cost: €3.50 per person.

Starts at 7.30pm-1am (but will probably finish much later) on Sat 6th September, gathering at 7.30pm at the Kasteelplein.


5. The Ever-Famous Group Photo of Redheads


What is it?

This is what people come to Redhead Days for. That, and to find someone with the exact same shade of ginger hair as you. That would be amazing.

After gathering at the Bordes Town Hall in the centre of Breda to witness the grand opening, all redheads walk en masse to be penned in with their fellow natural gingers for a giant group photograph.

You’ll be counted too, so you’ll know how many gingers are together in one place at the same time!


When and where?

Meet at 12pm at Bordes Town Hall, then at 12.30pm walk to the Valkenbergpark for the group photo.


…and 6. Come and chat with Ginger Parrot!


OK, so this one isn’t strictly in the programme. But members of the GP Team will be at Redhead Days for the whole weekend, equipped with bags of ginger joy (and some goodies, too)!

Just look for the Ginger Parrot.


To view the full Redhead Days 2014 programme, click here.


Need help with planning your trip to Breda for Redhead Days 2014? Click here for A Ginger’s Guide to the event, from accommodation to clothing.



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