Coming Soon: Selfie, Starring Karen Gillan


Sometimes I despair at what modern life is doing to the English language. It was bad enough when we started using hashtags in day-to-day conversation, but the final straw was when I saw a toddler walking down the high street in a pink t-shirt with the travesty that is “SELFIE” emblazoned on the chest. Shakespeare will be having a fit and flipping us all the bird in his grave.

So when I heard that there would be a new TV series actually called Selfie, I collapsed on the floor and wept in iambic pentameter so that Billy S. knew that I was still thinking nice things about him.

BUT THEN I learned that natural redhead Karen Gillan was going to be in it, and then my scruples miraculously disappeared; don’t ask me where they went. And I was excited.

Yes, dears, this is the news that Ginger Queen of All Gingerkind Karen Gillan will appear in a new US sitcom on ABC, which will air this Autumn.


Based (very, I hope) loosely on My Fair Lady, Selfie is a story of a girl, Eliza Dooley (Gillan) who is humiliated by an ex-boyfriend on social media and thereafter becomes famous for a viral video she stars in.

This show will be all tweets and Instagrams and hashtag-BLESSEDs and will probably end up hurting your educated brains but hey, we can at least be sure that Karen Gillan will perform well.


By Lizzie

[Images: ABC]



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