Greg Rutherford Poses Naked For Cosmopolitan!


If you’ve spent far too many hours ogling Greg Rutherford’s half-naked gingerness in your RED HOT Calendar, get ready for the full monty.


For an interview for Cosmopolitan UK, the natural redhead dropped his pants in ASSociation (sorry) with Cancer Research UK.

He said: “Being told I’m sexy is something I find funny. As a ginger guy, you get a fair bit of stick growing up. It’s flattering, though. I’m in a lucky position where I get to train every day for a living – but I still have my body hang-ups.

“Doing this shoot for Cancer Research UK was important to me: a friend got testicular cancer and had chemo. He’s recovered now. Checking yourself can be the difference between life and death.”


To check out Greg’s, er, package, grab yourself a copy of the May issue of Cosmo, out now! It’s in black and white so the red hair effect is slightly lacking, but I think we can make an allowance on this occasion.


By Emma

[Image: Cosmo UK]



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