Meet Vanessa Voss, Ginger Performer at Redhead Days 2013!

What’s the best way to celebrate a great event? With music of course, and friends too. Ginger friends, in fact, when you’re at Redhead Days!

To get in the swing of the weekend-long festival of red-haired excitement, the Redhead Days’ kick-off party on Friday will see and hear singer-songwriter Vanessa Voss perform with her band.


We got in touch with the natural redhead ahead of her performance at the festival, and asked her about all things ginger…


Are you excited about performing at the kick-off party?

Yes, definitely! I wanted to go last year but it didn’t work out so I had the idea to go the following year and do my music to support Redhead Days. It is such a dream come true for me and it’s amazing being part of such a special event like Redhead Days. So YES, I’m totally looking forward to it!


Tell us about your music…

Well, I started writing when I was about 14 but it all really started at 16 when I finally got to play at local sessions and took part in singer-songwriter contests. I formed my own band and since then we’ve been playing in all kinds of line-ups together.

My songs are mainly influenced by soul and acoustic music and I love to have the chance to share them with others. Lately I’ve been working on a lot of demos, which are available for free on my website


Have you always been proud of your ginger hair?

No, I haven’t! At primary school they called me names but I never got bullied in a bad way and besides my best friend at that time was ginger too, which was good.

When I got older I dyed my hair a couple of times, but it didn’t suit me so I gave up. It took me ages to accept it but now I feel comfortable.


How does your red hair influence your personality?

Over the years I grew more comfortable with myself and self-confident, but I don’t really think that my hair defines my personality. It’s more like a nice feature, a characteristic that makes me stand out from the crowd.

It’s definitely rare, which makes me feel proud.


What do you love most about your red hair?

The fact that it is natural and it suits me, but it is also a good ‘recognition value’.


We look forward to meeting Vanessa at the Mezz on Friday night. In the meantime, you can check out Vanessa’s website for more details on her music.

Want some more info on the event? Here’s everything you need to know.


By Emma


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