Hollywood Actresses Who Look Better With Red Hair

As much as we love natural redheads, those who choose to dye their hair red so that they can join Team Ginger are adored too. Why? Because they appreciate how cool it is to be ginger!

And as red hair becomes more and more popular, we’ve noticed that plenty of Hollywood’s non-redheads luuuuuurve to chop and change their colour, usually landing on the red end of the spectrum.

So here’s our list of the finest unnatural redheads, who should really stick to the ginger hair dye, as it’s their best look!


Rachel McAdams

Naturally: Brunette
Better: Ginger

Rachel McAdams - Brunette Hair

Rachel McAdams - Red Hair


Emma Stone

Usually: Blonde
In the past: Brunette
Better: Red hair

Emma Stone - Blonde Hair

Emma Stone - Brunette Hair

Emma Stone - Red Hair


Julia Roberts

Usually: Brunette
Better: Red hair

Julia Roberts - Brunette Hair

Julia Roberts - Red Hair


Christina Hendricks

Naturally: Blonde
Better: Red hair

Christina Hendricks - Blonde Hair

Christina Hendricks - Red Hair


Brittany Snow

Usually: Blonde
Better: Ginger

Brittany Snow - Blonde Hair

Brittany Snow - Red Hair

[For Icon Magazine]


Juno Temple

Usually: Blonde
Better: Red hair

Juno Temple - Blonde Hair

Juno Temple - Red Hair

[For Wonderland Magazine]


Kate Winslet

Usually: Blonde
Better: Red hair

Kate Winslet - Blonde Hair

Kate Winslet - Red Hair


Rose McGowan

Naturally: Brunette
Better: Red hair

Rose McGowan - Brunette Hair

Rose McGowan - Red Hair


Cynthia Nixon

Currently: Blonde
Better: Ginger

Cynthia Nixon - Blonde Hair

Cynthia Nixon - Red Hair


Have we missed anyone? Who’s your favourite dyeing redhead?

By Emma



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