Beauty: Get Jessica Chastain’s Red Carpet Look!

By now, you may have seen the photos of this year’s hottest awards tip, redhead Jessica Chastain, gracing the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

If you haven’t make sure you do, because the ginger lovely wore the most to-die-for red frock. Her look was pure Hollywood glamour and yet still effortlessly elegant.

[Image: Jordan Strauss/AP/Press Association Images]

Remind you of anyone? We think J-Chassy’s look replicates Jessica Rabbit!

And because we’ve been pining for Jessica’s Hollywood look, I’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to achieving her red hair and make-up style (because we’re so kind to you).



I love this style, it’s a great modern update on the classic Jessica Rabbit/Veronica Lake waves – I actually tend to wear my hair like this a lot and with a bit of practice it takes no time to do before you hit the tiles.

First of all, wash and dry your hair as normal. You can blowdry it with a round brush to give it more volume, but I don’t usually have the time.

Top tip: I always find my hair easier to style the next day or in the evening after I’ve washed it, the curls just seem to ‘stick’ better.

Decide where your side parting sits most comfortably and use a tailcomb to part your hair. Spray your hair with a heat protector – I use Tresemme – and then hit the curling tongs.

Take one inch sections and curling them from the ends up about two thirds of the length of the hair. This is where it differs from 1940s style waves which are the full length of the hair.

When you’ve done your whole head it will probably look really curly, so you’ll need to soften it. Gently use a bristle brush to work through some of the curls – don’t go too mad though, or all of your hard work will be undone!

Spritz with a bit of hairspray and voila! Glossy, easy Hollywood waves.

[Image: Jordan Strauss/AP/Press Association Images]


Jessica’s make-up is subtle but still glamorous. And once you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll just need a couple of eye shadows to achieve this look.

Her stylist used Lancôme to achieve this look, but there are lots of less expensive high street brands in similar shades.

Firstly, I’ve used ‘Gold Digger’ by 17 (it’s a shimmery soft gold tone) over the whole eyelid, then to define the eye I’ve used a dark Violet Romantic shade from Bourjois in the crease and corners.

It’s much more interesting than using a brown tone and looks great against the gold base. Finish off with your favourite mascara.

Cheeks are kept natural with a soft rosy blusher, as are lips. I’ve used Ruby In Gold By Avon, but you could also use a tinted gloss.

And that’s it – gorgeous, ginger waves and A-list make-up. Team with sky-scraping heels and your favourite red frock (see here for Jessica Rabbit dress ideas) and you’re ready for the red carpet – just like Miss Chastain.

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The Dyeing Redhead x

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