Blast from the Past: Christina Hendricks

Men fall in love with her and women want to be her; Christina Hendricks has got it all. I mean, she is ginger!

But as we know, her red hair isn’t natural, it’s actually from the bottle, as upsetting as it is to admit.

Nevertheless, her love for being an unnatural redhead has lasted for years, as she revealed that her first acting and modelling breaks were thanks to her freshly-dyed ginger hair, because she could finally stand out from the crowd.

So, in honour of her dedication to Gingerdom, we thought we’d take a look at Christina Hendricks back in the day, when she was a wide-eyed, hopeful ginger actress, before Mad Men and Ginger and Rosa came along!


For ‘One Hit Wonder’ by Everclear

For Clean and Clear


James Bond / Visa


In Undressed


In Thieves


By Emma

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