Competition: Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation

It’s competition time again! In this round, you lucky people have the chance to win a bottle of Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation in Very Light.

It’s the thing of dreams, people. Wonderful for those with pale skin, it’s perfect for any of you redheaded lovelies who don’t want to look too tango-ed.

And contrary to popular opinion, pale is now interesting, remember that so wear it loud and proud!

Want to get your mitts on this treat? It’s fairly simple, all we ask is for your best beauty trick as a redhead. And if you don’t have naturally ginger hair, just your best make-up or hair advice will do!

You can submit your entry here, including your name, age, general location, and as many redhead beauty tips you fancy lending us!

And if you don’t win, never fear. This fabby liquid foundation can be bought for around £20 from a variety of vendors. You’ve got until 28th September to get your entries in, so good luck!

The Ginger Parrot Team x


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