Coming Soon: Homeland Season 2

I know, right? About time!

We’ve been waiting for months and months for the gloriously ginger Damian Lewis to pop up on our screens in Homeland again. And now, with a second teaser trailer plus the release of the official season 2 poster, we can smell its closeness (sorry, that sounded weirder than it was meant to).

What a killer tag-line for it too: “It hits home.” We’re on the edge of our seats already!

And, despite his disturbing exterior and the fact that he’s a ginger baddie (we’re still not 100% sure), we have to admit we do rather like Damian Lewis. I mean, he’s been Ginger Crush before now!

The new series of Homeland starring Claire Danes plus the Emmy-nominated redhead, will hit Showtime in the US on 30th September, with Channel 4 expected to air new episodes from October onwards.


By Emma